LEGI-Galva+ The better TRIPLEX coating


The better TRIPLEX protection from LEGI

Steel parts for LEGI fence systems batch galvanised exclusively in the full bath

  • Complete processing of the high quality steel material in bright finish – Highest quality workmanship especially of the welds – Full preservation of the valuable zinc coating – No increased risk of rust at welds and joints
  • Extremely homogeneous zinc coating by electrolytic process – Environmentally friendly use of the scarce zinc resources – No risk or injury from sharp zinc edges
  • Sealing of the zinc coating by the LEGI galvanic-chromating
  • Durable protection by the LEGI powder coating

Technical Product Information

Manufacture of a grille element The basis for our long-lasting corrosion protection is the manufacture. The wire is cut to the desired length and straightened on our own machines. Only the finest quality galvanisable material is used. Guaranteed by the LEGI Quality Assurance.

Corrosion protection Only galvanisation in the full bath forms the basis for complete protection against corrosion. The LEGI-TRIPLEX coating is also based on this principle. All 1,122 welding points and 146 cutting edges of a 2.03 m high grille element are protected by a zinc coating after welding. This guarantees the customer that there is no corrosion at cutting edges and welding points due to later damage or destruction of the zinc coating by a welding or cutting process. The application of a chrome coating to the seal of the galvanised surface and subsequent powder coating then turn the grille element into your LEGI-TRIPLEX quality product.

Pre-treatment The grille element is degreased in several consecutive baths and freed from residue from the production process by pickling.

Galvanisation (electrolytic galvanisation) The innovative galvanisation from LEGI. The zinc bath contains a specified amount of zinc dissolved in the liquid. The zinc is bonded with the metal surface of the fence element by the electrolytic process. Electrolysis describes the transport and depositing of metallic elements on steel. This is done by using direct current in a liquid medium. A homogeneous and very even coating is achieved by the constantly steady process. Process in accordance with DIN 50961.

Passivation In the second phase of the TRIPLEX coating, the passivation, the zinc coating of the grille element is sealed with an additional coat of chrome III. This is impenetrable by oxygen and hydrogen and therefore effectively prevents the formation of white rust on the zinc coating. In connection with the zinc, the chrome III coat forms a hard, extremely smooth and therefore highly resistant surface which guarantees the best adhesion for the subsequent powder coating in the opinion of experts. LEGI only uses environmentally friendly chrome III. This is recognisable by the slightly bluish surface. Process in accordance with DIN EN ISO 2081.

Powder coating The LEGI powder coating completes the process of the LEGI-TRIPLEX coating. But – no powder coating is “water-tight”. This means that water and oxygen permanently penetrate this coating and evaporate again. Without galvanisation in the full bath and protective coating of chrome III, this process inevitably leads to corrosion. The knowledge of this physical process shows how important it is not to damage a zinc coating later by welding or cutting. Only then can corrosion in these critical places be permanently prevented. Process in accordance with EN 13438.

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