The necessary expertise for developing the first lattice fences came from extensive experience with wire grilles that were used in mining for safety reasons. In this context, the first LEGI lattice fence arose in 1964, which was far superior to all other fences in terms of stability, security, aesthetics and cost effectiveness.

With fence, gate and twining support systems for private, municipal and commercial areas, such as zoos and stadiums, LEGI has now been leaving its mark in terms of safety, functionality and design for more than 60 years. LEGI products have matured through the experience of generations and are synonymous with quality, versatility and durability well beyond national borders.


LEGI GmbH has always been the pioneer and driving force of innovation in the fence industry. The brand has always remained true to its principles in the process. LEGI is always primed to develop intelligent fence systems equipped with the maximum degree of efficiency. Efficiency means the optimum use of material properties and the fine coordination of dimensions in order to be able to offer the products at the best possible price.

Intelligent products by LEGI are systems that are tailored to people’s needs and offer solutions for the real challenges of everyday life. We offer our customers systems that make a real contribution to enhancing their quality of life, meet security needs, clarify property ownership and integrate into their surroundings.

We will also continue to press ahead with development, because people’s living conditions are constantly changing and LEGI wants to continue to provide the right solutions in the future.